The SNOW-KILL works as a snow removal blade mounted on a 2-axle steerable trailer, towed by a standard snow removal vehicle, 2 or 3 axles.

The whole ensemble is entirely managed by the Operator from his cabin, as he deploys the SNOW-KILL on his right at a 30° angle in less than 10 seconds, covering an additional lane, at up to 85 km/h.

Today, this job is done by a tandem of two classic trucks equipped with snow-blades, working off-set one behind the other, covering less than two lanes.

The SNOW-KILL and its tractor guarantee the full coverage of two lanes, no snow ridge left in the middle, unlike the usual system.

The SNOW-KILL has no engine; its hydraulic pump is powered by the electrical output of the towing vehicle.

It can be equipped with an 8 cubic-meters salt spreader plus a 500 liters salt brine buffer tank and/or an 8000 liters liquid de-icer spray unit, for preventive or curative winter treatments.

It meets all European trailer standards and can therefore be used as a tool carrier, tipper, sweeper, etc. to optimize its use out of winter periods.


The SNOW-KILL reduces the snow removal costs by more than 35%:

Low operating cost:

The removal of one engine reduces the fuel consumption by around 40 to 45%.

A single Operator, instead of two, generates huge money savings and better management programs.

The SNOW-KILL plus tractor provides a more controlled application of the winter de-icing products generating around 15% savings on these products.

Reduced investment:

The financial investment for machinery is reduced and the life of the SNOW-KILL is much longer.

It also generates savings in insurance.

Cheaper maintenance:

The removal of one truck reduces maintenance costs and down-time.


The SNOW-KILL is equipped with conventional disc brakes with ABS, ESP and an anti-rollover (European Norms).

By creating a barrier that cannot be overtaken, the tractor unit and its SNOW-KILL increases the security or road users, and the driver of the unit.

In case of emergency, the SNOW-KILL will shift from work to trailer position in less than 10 seconds.


The use of one engine instead of two reduces around 40% the emission of pollutants (Nitrogen oxides, fine particles, unburned hydrocarbons …).

It reduces the use of de-icing products by 15%.


  • One vehicle instead of two
  • One driver instead of two
  • A reduced investment
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • More safety for road users and the operator
  • Less pollution


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